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Peter Zimmermann, Susanne Firnkes, Jens Kowalski, Johannes Backus, Christina Alliger-Horn, Gerd Willmund, Andrea Hellenthal, Amanda Bauer, Franz Petermann, Andreas Maercker. Psychiatr Prax PUBLISHED: 08-26-2014

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Social support and its consequences: ‘Positive’ and ‘deficiency’ values and their implications for support and self‐esteem

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Thieme E-Books & E-Journals. Literatur; 1 Wittchen HU, Schönfeld S, Kirschbaum K et al. Traumatic experiences and posttraumatic stress disorder in soldiers following deployment abroad – how big is the hidden problem?.Dtsch Arztebl Int 2012; 109: 559-568 ; 2 Zimmermann P, Biesold KH, Barre K et al. Long-term course of post-traumatic stress disorder in German soldiers – effects of inpatient.

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Personal values in soldiers after military deployment: associations with mental health and resilience By Peter Zimmermann, Susanne Firnkes, Jens T Kowalski, Johannes Backus, Stefan Siegel, Gerd Willmund and Andreas Maercker

Abstract. Ziel: Der Einfluss von Wertorientierungen ist bislang im militärischen Kontext nicht empirisch untersucht. Methodik: 117 Soldaten bearbeiteten nach Auslandseinsatz den

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Apr 24, 2018  · Material and methods. A total of 21 soldiers suffering from war-related MI as well as chronic PTSD participated in a 3-week inpatient, semi-standardized group therapy, focusing on values and compassionate imagery.

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In a study conducted by Peter Zimmermann,,* Susanne Firnkes, Jens T. Kowalski, Johannes Backus, Stefan Siegel,1 Gerd Willmund, and Andreas Maercker, the correlation between personal values and Post Traumatic Stress Disorders in military veterans. Although the populations are different, PTSD is a common thread in each case.