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Harry and Wendy live in Wheaton, IL, and are blessed to have three children. Luke is twenty-seven and works in Denver, Colorado, Anna is twenty-four and is in.

21. Aug. 2010. Als oberflächlich bezeichnet der Europaleiter der KEB, Gerd-Walter Buskies ( Langenbruck/Kanton Basel-Land), das Prinzip der Sorgen.

6. Mai 2018. Gerd-Walter Buskies. Für ein Missionswerk sind wir wohl in „den bes- ten Jahren“. 2017 feierte die weltweite KEB ih- ren 80. Geburtstag.

Leadership handover from Roy and Ruth Harrison to Gerd-Walter Buskies Elective seminars – 12 to choose from (2 afternoon sessions) Meet other CEF workers – share and pray 5 November 2014 CEF World Day of Prayer Prayer requests from Europe European Director – Gerd-Walter Buskies 1. Praise God for the open doors we still have in.

Herr Gerd Hutschenreuter (Kontakt Deutschland). Helsper (Verwaltung und Zentrale), Oliver Klein (Regionalbüros), Gerd-Walter Buskies (Missionare)

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We have had a wonderful time of becoming acquainted with Gerd-Walter Buskies, our European Regional Director. Now, on to Finland Monday, and that may mean no blogging for at least one week, for we’ll be on the road, a different city each day.

One of the big events of the conference was the passing on of the baton, when the leadership of Europe (European Regional Director) was passed from Roy Harrison to Gerd-Walter Buskies. Here Roy and Ruth are standing next to a painting presented to them, painted by Aapo Pukk – a respected portrait painter from Estonia who has painted heads of state and leaders in Europe & US.

. for you as you serve Him faithfully in difficult circumstances. Will you accept your responsibility? Have you cast your burden on the Lord? Gerd-Walter Buskies

Gerd-Walter Buskies Gerd-Walter has been the European Director of CEF since May 2010. From Germany, he became a Christian when he was 11, studied Theology in Tübingen and Bonn, and was a Pastor for a number for years before joining CEF full-time.

Autumn 2017. Kilchzimmer. A word from. Gerd-Walter. Buskies. CEF European Director. The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light. Isaiah 9:2.

Mar 13, 2017. Gerd-Walter Buskies. Gerd-Walter has been the European Director of CEF since May 2010. From Germany, he became a Christian when he.

KEB-Zentrale. Am Eichelsberg 3 35236 Breidenbach. Telefon: 06465 9283-0. E- Mail: info(at) Missionsleitung: Gerd-Walter Buskies (Außenmission)

Dec 13, 2018  · Gerd-Walter Buskies and Linda Corry lead the Thanksgiving Service along with several guest speakers sharing in person and through video. It was a.

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Dr. Rodney Bennet · Dr. Steve Coffey · Dr. Walt Stuart · Elizabeth Musser · Eric Ernst · Eric Vess · Gerd-Walter Buskies · Liz Gold · Steve Currey · Vernon Brewer.

35236 Breidenbach, 06465 | 17 33. Kinder-Evangelisations-Bewegung Deutschland, Gerd Walter Buskies, Am Eichelsberg 3 35236 Breidenbach, 06465 | 9 28.

Acid reflux disease, or GERD, is a common compliant of the digestive. Carl Spanier is the founder of Acid Reflux Cures a website that allows consumers to quickly and easily get acid reflux information. Gerd Walter Buskies Many of the CEF workers who gathered together for the CEF European Conference 2013. Jesus said, Let the little children come.

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Gerd-Walter Buskies Regional Director Europe Richard Acquaye Regional Director West Africa This year… I’ll help! Please put my gift to work in this region (check one): d East & Central Africa d Southern Africa/Indian Ocean d West Africa d Asia Pacific d Europe d Middle East dd Latin America d North America/Caribbean d Where needed most

Philip & Denise Annett: Directors of Leadership & Ministry Development Pray for us as we teach this week at a camp for 11-14 year olds. Pray that God will use His word to inform their

Feb 27, 2017. Gerd-Walter Buskies. Gerd-Walter has been the European Director of CEF since May 2010. From Germany, he became a Christian when he.

Aug 24, 2013  · The Institute graduation was a lovely ceremony Friday! There was laughter; there were tears, hugs,and farewells as the students return to their respective countries. We have had a wonderful time of becoming acquainted with Gerd-Walter Buskies, our European Regional Director. Now, on to Finland Monday, and that may mean no blogging for at least…

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Johannesbrief (4); Alles (161); AT Könige (11); Baumann Ernst (5); Bergen Charles (1); Buskies Gerd-Walter (3); Diegel Wilhelm (3); Felber Stefan (3); Flütsch.

Located near the village of Langenbruck, Kilchzimmer is the headquarters of Child Evangelism Fellowship Europe. Here training sessions are held for CEF workers, retreats take place, and the work of child evangelism is coordinated across Europe. Many thanks to.

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Regional Director. Gerd-Walter Buskies. Regional Director. Areas directors. Sebastian and Georgina Edelman. Central Europe. Stephen and Grace Chambers.

Stringer, Gerd-Walter Buskies and Tim and Sue Shirey. • Please pray as Brent travels to Hungary and Switzerland in May. Pray this trip will be a great encouragement. • Please pray for the ministry in a sensitive country, as the CEF workers and the church are facing a government crackdown. One worker faces prison time.

4. septembril Oleviste kirikus kl.10.00-15.30. Kõneleb Laste Evangelisatsiooni ühenduse Euroopa direktor GERD-WALTER BUSKIES. Vaata lähemalt! Teemad:.

Personen, Gerd-Walter Buskies (1. Vorsitzender, Missionsleiter). Aktionsraum, weltweit. Schwerpunkt, Veranstaltungen für Kinder, Bibelfernkurse, Literatur. Angestellte, 80. Motto, Kinder entdecken die Bibel. Website, KEB-Deutschland (Kinder-Evangelisations-Bewegung) ist ein evangelikal ausgerichtetes.

Während des Festgottesdienstes mit Pfr. Gerd-Walter Buskies brachten die Kinder des Kindergartens ein Mini-Musical zur Aufführung, damit Klein und Groß mit.

Albat, Paul Walter, * in Memel, ~ in Memel (St.Johanniskirche) · Albeck, Gottfried. Buskies, Friedrich Wilhelm, * in Memel · Buttchereit alias. Fischer, Henriette · Fischer, Hermann Julius Gerd, * in Memel, ~ in Memel (St. Johanniskirche)